Types of Tungsten Carbide Bush

tungsten carbide bush picture

Tungsten carbide bush is widely used in the filed that request high wear resistance and wonderful corrosion resistance.We are able to offer different tungsten carbide bush type and size:

type size
D d H
straight sleeves 10-450 3-360 8-260
T model sleeves 10-450 3-360 8-260
special sleeves 10-450 3-360 8-260

surface roughness roundness parallelism verticality Concentricity circular run whole run
0.1-3.2 ≤0.01mm ≤0.01mm ≤0.01mm ≤0.025mm ≤0.025mm ≤0.025mm

Material: virgin

C/O available

Different size and design are available;

Custom made as the specified requirements and drawings