Tungsten Carbide Injector Bush

tungsten carbide injector bush picture

Diesel Injector bush fixedly mounted to the cylinder head, fuel injector fixed installation in the injector bush, cylinder head machining parts injector bush there cylinder head sealing bevel, face lower fuel injector bush sealing bush is formed with inclined surface, two different bevel angle, held in line contact state. Because of tungsten carbide with a bush bush injector and the cylinder head seal, sealing inclined ramp contact between sealing principle, to improve the sealing effect injector bush to ensure the normal operation of the diesel engine fuel injector, and omit the plane waterproof apron, reducing the cost, simple structure, safe and reliable.

Tungsten carbide injector bush description:

- The use of advanced molding technology, can produce drawings based on user organization.

- Product distortion, precision is very high.

- Product without the need for machining or requires only a small amount of processing.

When the nozzle oil serious need cleaning, washing steps are as follows:

the bottom of the bush with raw tape, sealant for further processing, attention thickness control, not too thick; install injector operation, install the valve chamber cover; clean the water tank, start the engine testing, and finally get a new coolant.


DCi engine repair process in accordance with the requirements need to be removed to replace the fuel injector bush head, mouth to be fixed up tight end processes, where simplify this procedure. Note that batteries need to be closed before servicing, to avoid demolition port injector circuit dangerous.

Special note:

1. inferior to the engine coolant is very corrosive, short periods do not see the problem, more than two years later, the engine water plugging, injector bush severely corroded.

2. engine coolant temperature after missing, check the injector to be the focus of part leaks