Tungsten Carbide Bush Applications

tungsten carbide bush picture

Tungsten carbide bush applications is widespread, the high flexibility of use.Generally speaking tungsten carbide bush is a device to protect a class of components. It is in the actual work and the role and purpose of its application environment have a great relationship. Valve applications, bushings be installed in the valve stem cap trap, in order to reduce the valve leakage, to seal; bearing applications, the use of bush to reduce wear between the bearing and the shaft seat, avoid the gap between the shaft and the hole increases and so on.

Tungsten carbide bush production and processing of high-strength, can withstand prolonged load, with high chemical stability, alkali, alcohol, ether, hydrocarbons, acid, oil, detergent, water (sea water), and has no smell , non-toxic, tasteless, non-rust characteristics, its widely used in alkali corrosion, environmental health, food, textile and other aspects of mechanical components provides excellent conditions for use.

tungsten carbide bush role:

a. simplified maintenance of the machine, saving labor, excellent mechanical cutting performance, improve labor productivity;

b. good elasticity, can be bent without distortion, while maintaining toughness, resistance to repeated impact;

c. wear and self-lubricating, carbon steel provides superior cast bronze and phenolic laminate performance in the absence of oil (or butter oil) lubrication applications, reduce consumption, energy saving;

d. suction noise, vibration, MC nylon molding metal is much smaller than that of vibration attenuation, provides practical ways superior to metal to prevent noise;

e. compared with metal tungsten carbide bushings, MC nylon low hardness, no damage to the grinding parts;

f. low mc coefficient, provided its wide application in friction possible.