Tungsten Carbide Threaded Bush

tungsten carbide threaded bush picture

Tungsten carbide threaded bush is a standard threaded fastener having internal and external machining made ​​a most basic function is restored and enhanced thread thread. tungsten carbide Thread Repair threaded bush as a means to damage the thread can be carried out quickly and efficiently repair; applications on low-strength materials, can greatly enhance the strength of the threaded hole. Thread connection is widely used in rust aircraft, automobiles, machinery structure, relaxation and bolts threaded connection breaks and the screw, and slip teeth are seriously affecting the reliability of the link structure of various artifacts, while the use of tungsten carbide threaded bush can effectively solve this problem.

Tungsten carbide threaded bush characteristics (advantages):

1. Be able to be carried out effectively repair damaged threads.

2. Particularly suitable for applications requiring high strength thread within an environment that can effectively seismic, anti-pullout.

3. Compared with ordinary wire thread insert, enabling threaded hole more effectively enhance strength.

4. Simple to use, easy installation.

Non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc magnesium. Plastics ..... Bakelite, etc. due to insufficient strength of the base material and finished products are often easy to collapse teeth, affect the quality of the product, the use of tungsten carbide threaded bush, can promote products of quality. Carbide threaded bush assembly is simple, screw nut can be added into the bush, at a lower total cost of a small amount of assembly is to increase the strength of an excellent product choice thread.