Tungsten Carbide Bearing Bush

tungsten carbide bearing bush picture

Less sleeve bearings with bearing bush called grinding material. Usually cast in the bearing surface, mainly in order to reduce costs, save valuable antifriction material. Tungsten carbide bearing bush a lot of moving parts used in aircraft, also commonly used in helicopter rotor spindle and aircraft landing gear and so on. tungsten carbide having a rotary or sliding bearing bush of the support bearing to reduce wear, reduce the frictional coefficient. Since the bearing bush is replaceable, so reducing the cost.

Widely used in modern industry are the dimensions and size of the bearing bush series. Most of which is of a cage are bearing bush, while the other bearing bush no cage. With bearing bush can withstand greater radial load and high-speed operation, the other bearing bush for medium-speed and very high radial loads.

Cleaning of the bearing bush is mainly used for cleaning the cleaning unit, the cleaning machine is based on different models of the bearing bush, different processing modes, specifically the degree of automation of the design. Cleaning fluid used in the basic use of gasoline, kerosene and water. And gasoline is the best material in addition to wash oily, wash thoroughly, the effect is very good. If water conservancy cleaning bearing bush is possible, but should pay attention to dry after washing and drying moisture and prevent rust.