Tungsten Carbide Flange Bush

tungsten carbide flange bush picture

Flange generally refers to the four sides of a flat sheet of material are folded together into a box shape, but the four sides are folded up separately. Tungsten carbide flange bush, by definition, outside the bush with flange, generally play a role in positioning, not falling and sliding. tungsten carbide flange bush is widely used in engineering machinery, forging equipment, the product has good wear resistance, bearing pressure, combined with the advantages of high strength, abrasion resistance levels can be processed in the oil pits of various shapes to suit different lubrication working conditions and a variety of automotive engine, chassis, motorcycle gear clutch, mechanical components.

Tungsten carbide flange bush role:

Bush is mainly for protection, the protection of the shaft and the matrix is not directly wear on the grinding shaft, then the bush wear, abrasion, and can be easily replaced. If no bushings, wear and tear, replacement of the parts, is now replacing the bush.

Bush used to reduce wear, vibration and noise devices, and anti-corrosion effect; also easy maintenance of machinery and equipment, simplifying the structure and manufacturing process equipment. Bush in practical work and the role and purpose of its application environment have a great relationship. Valve applications, devices bush was caught in the bonnet stem, in order to reduce the valve leakage, to seal. Bearing applications, the use of bush to reduce wear between the bearing housing and the shaft, to avoid a gap between the shaft and the hole is increased and so on.