Tungsten Steel Bush

tungsten steel bush picture

Tungsten steel bush is mainly used for stamping and drawing aspect, the device is to protect a class of components, depending on the demand, the product will have a different approach. Use bush, can effectively reduce the wear and punch or bearing between devices, and to achieve a guiding role. In terms of stamping dies, tungsten steel bush because wear, good finish, without frequent replacement, so as to achieve a higher utilization of equipment and personnel, and is widely used; stretching terms, mainly because some pieces of copper, stainless steel stretching pieces, because the frequency is too high, easy to heat, resulting in wear bush so that the red needle moves, poor appearance of the product size product errors, and products. Customers are advised to try a selection of tungsten steel bush, to avoid the above-mentioned drawbacks. Tungsten Online can provide high-quality tungsten steel liner sleeve, bore and cylindrical mirror surface finish are high dimensional accuracy, vertical well, enjoy a higher rating among customers.

Tungsten steel bush works:

Tungsten steel bush after use and it is in contact with the surface to wear bush, protection and its contact surface wear to a certain extent, be replaced. Tungsten steel bush using a wear-resistant material in contact with the surface friction bush is generally a soft material, the friction when there is a certain avoidance and wear bush wear-reducing materials, reducing the shaft and bore wear, is a sliding bearing. bush can be replaced several times, extend the life of the body.

Select tungsten steel bush there are several issues to consider:

1, the contact material properties include: surface roughness, hardness, material itself Properties

2, bush work environment: load, temperature, velocity, etc. bushing wear and other requirements of life are relative, not only depend on the bush itself, but depends on the material properties and bushing contact, even the best bush material if it is in contact with the material and hardness is low, the surface is very rough, very easy to wear out, and the other is generally used for low-bush, after all, is sliding friction, unless carrying very small, the speed is too high will produce a lot of heat, and no one too much.