Tungsten Carbide Leaf Spring Bush

tungsten carbide leaf spring bush picture

Tungsten carbide leaf spring bush including the inner sleeve and jacket, inner sleeve and having at least one elastomer between coats. Said elastic body having an elastic member made ​​of a rubber composition; rubber body and the inner sleeve, outer vulcanized into a whole. In the middle of said elastic body may be provided in the spacer sleeve, the rubber body is divided into two layers, the two layers of the rubber body and vulcanized into a unitary spacer sleeve. The elastic body is opened at a "C"-shaped notch, by adjusting the stiffness properties of the slot width, enough to meet the steering characteristic of the vehicle is running, to improve vehicle stability in operation. Rubber leaf spring bushings and other rubber parts, due to moving parts, need to take anti-wear treatment.

Tungsten carbide leaf spring bush have good lubrication, otherwise wear increased firing even after use is often associated with spring pin wear, as well as the two parts to be replaced. Threaded bush structure, which uses a spring-bolt screw-in pin and the bush mating, this structure can transmit the lateral force, so that the ears do not have contact with the roll stand, to eliminate this part of the wear, and can be used on the side sealing means to ensure good lubrication, prevent muddy water infiltration. tungsten carbide bush leaf spring leaf spring located in the car, with good noise and vibration damping effect, and long service life.

Tungsten carbide leaf spring bush claim:

- Long-term nature

- Extremely low surface energy, do not migrate

- Excellent lubricity, reduce noise

- Chemical stability