Tungsten Carbide Car Bush

tungsten carbide car bush picture

Tungsten carbide car bush include automotive control arm bushings and subframe bush and so on. Auto control arm bush assembly in the automotive control arm, part of the suspension system, according to the control arm using parts classified into the front control arm bushings, the control arm bush; according to the control arm using the directional distribution classified into upper control arm bushings, lower control arm bush and so on. Its suspension system can be greatly improved high frequency vibration isolation effect, reduce interior noise caused by road roughness, but also both the spring and suspension arm bearing role. Subframe bush through which the sub-frame and body are connected together, the main effect is to have good isolation, reduce interior noise caused by road roughness, but to ensure the stability of the automotive operations.;

Tungsten carbide car bush characteristics:

1. good wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, long life;

2. go well together performance, low noise, no pollution;

3. thin-walled structure, light weight, can reduce the mechanical volume;

4. transfer film can be formed at the time of the operation, play a role in protecting the shaft, no bite shaft phenomenon;

5. low hardness of grinding axes, axes without quenching can be used, thereby reducing the processing difficulty related parts;

6. no water, oil, thermal expansion coefficient, heat resistance, dimensional stability;

7. can be used in corrosive media.