Tungsten Carbide Die Bush

tungsten carbide die bush picture

Tungsten carbide die bush is played the role of ring gasket sets. Valve applications, within the bonnet bush for sealing. Wrapped around the stem, wear, and can be easily replaced. If no bushings, wear and tear, replacement of the parts. So is replacing the bush replaced (design, will reduce bush hardness, making it the bearing wear parts in friction in). Its processing convenience, low replacement costs, but also easy to change.


A. high abrasion resistance, long-term use, to ensure that the size of processed products

B. polishing good, can be processed die hole mirror light processing products surface quality assurance

C. adhesion is small, can improve the durability of the tensile modulus of the metal to be processed and to obtain excellent surface quality

D. friction coefficient is small, can greatly reduce power consumption drawn

E. corrosion resistance is high, this feature lubrication stretch when wet, acidic even more superior lubrication

Chinatungsten Online can provide high-quality tungsten carbide die bush:

1) were vacuum degassing refining, so the quality is very clean inside;

2) good machinability;

3) good hardenability, air cooling can be hardened without worrying about quenching crack;

4) heat deformation is very small, very small deviations quenching, the most suitable for the precision requirements of the mold;

5) wear very best, most suitable for stainless steel or high-hard material blanking die;

6) good toughness.