Tungsten Carbide Plug Valve Bush

tungsten carbide plug valve bush picture

Plug valve the hole with a plug body bandpass make opening and closing pieces, stuffed the body with stem rotation in order to achieve the opening and closing movement of the valve. The basic series lined plug valve (full lining type) and sleeved plug valves (half lining type). Used to cut off the flow of multi-media plug valve can also be media distribution (three-way plug valve). plug valve open and close rapidly, fluid resistance, but by ordinary plug valve seal stopper and direct contact with the body, there is a big opening and closing torque, easy to wear and sealing sealing surface defects and poor performance. Carbide material has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical stability, tungsten carbide plug valve bush can be solved effectively sealing plug valve prone to failure, the valve "killed" the problem can not rotate, it is an ideal plug valve bush.

Tungsten carbide plug valve bush, plugs for plug valve-axis internal lining, which can adjust the ratio between the sealing surface pressure, the cock rotating flexible, and can ensure the inlet and outlet ends tightly sealed. Regardless of the sealing process can be approximated that the pressure in the pipe. Suitable transport medium having a corrosive acid, alkali salt solution, a strong oxidizing agent and an organic solvent. Widely used in chemical industry, raw material pressure uniform, dense, superior physical and chemical properties, the size of the products forming a conical shape, no secondary processing, can reduce feeding quantity, and reduce costs. After the actual application inspection, more reliable sealing performance. Easy to assemble, superior performance, reasonable price and so on, have been using manufacturers alike.