Tungsten Carbide Stabilizer Bar Bush

tungsten carbide stabilizer bar bush picture

Tungsten carbide stabilizer bar bush play a role in the coupling of the stabilizer bar and the sub-frame while providing effective support in the course of work in the stabilizer bar, and play a role in reducing the noise of the isolation and the clip from the fixed effect of the stabilizer bush, stabilizer bar, the clip and with the structure and size of bush with the three is reasonable, whether directly related to the bush will produce noise and abnormal wear.

Reduce abnormal noise and wear way:

- on the stabilizer bar bush sulfide

- by bush structure makes stabilizer bar bush hold fast

- binding site plus stabilizer bar bush with Teflon

- the rational design of stabilizer bars, bushings and clip with the structure and size

lower bush abnormal noise and wear, in the above measures, we are in the design process from the bottom up to consider, not only to reduce costs, but also to simplify the structure.